DEM – War is never fun

This story is a background story preceding one of the chapters in my book “Dark Energy Manipulators”.

“Samsar, you must wear your red hat tonight!” Tani insisted adamantly.

I groaned into the mirror. “Oh Tani, I hate to go with the red hat. All negotiations we had until now ended in disaster when I had the red hat. Why won’t you let me wear the green hat?”

Tani looked at me, shocked, “you are impossible Samsar. You know you have to kill Bensar tonight. If you do this with your green hat on, it would be the most insulting affront to his family. They would pursue you until you are dead. The red hat gives you the power and authorization to do it and with Bensar as your strongest opponent dead, all weaker opponents fall in line, and you have won the first round.”

“I have killed seventeen opponents only to win the first round!”

“Tani!” I looked appalled at my current wife, “how long will the next round take? If we keep going at this rate the united world board will be reduced to two people.”

Tani smiled with glee, “yes, that would be nice.”

I groaned and threw my thought into the darkening sky, “Sla, I hate to kill people. Do I really have to go through this bloodbath?”

Sla’s answer was without his usual humorous tone. “It is part of their way to resolve a conflict.”

“Earth’s way of making war is way more bloody and cruel than this ritualistic killing of opposing leaders. It is also more honest. War is always ugly but here on this planet, they made it personal. I find it more humane to kill one person than entire populations. Go and kill some leaders, maybe later you can teach other leaders some lessons when they think they can send thousands of soldiers to their death.”


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