Dark Energy Manipulators

This chapter is the introduction to my first but certainly not my last book.


Steven looked at his wife and asked himself for the millionth time how he could have been so lucky to find such a beautiful, loving wife. A long time ago, he accepted that he wasn’t going to be the good-looking or special guy. True to his self-assessment, if anyone saw Steven walking by on the street a minute later nobody would recall any features about him.

At “five-nine”, sandy-haired, and average weight, nothing stood out…well, except maybe his loneliness and a heart-wrenching longing for a partner.

One lucky day five years ago in Phoenix, he happened to walk by a car accident, where a typical redneck at “six-two” with long greasy unkempt hair and attire to match stood shouting at a tantalizing, brown-haired woman with the bluest eyes he had ever seen. She stood proudly, her back was straight, and her demeanor showed a resolute and robust personality. She had a kind face with an energetic sparkle in her eyes. Those eyes bore into his heart and he felt a deep yearning.

She stood there looking slightly annoyed, trying to answer with gestures. Steven immediately realized that she had speech impairment and could not make herself understood. He walked over to the man, “you know she can’t hear you… so shouting is fairly meaningless.”

Somehow that did not help and the guy continued shouting uncomplimentary remarks about women and driving. Steven turned to her and asked in sign language, “bothersome fellow,” pointing at the guy, “can I help you?”

She smiled at him and the funny feeling in his guts turned into a furnace, “oh, thank you for asking but I already called the police. The guy simply didn’t see the red light or my stopped car. He cannot accept his failure, probably something to do with males,” she smiled again with a mischievous glint in her eyes as if she was testing his attitude.

Steven had to laugh. “Unfortunately, I cannot disagree, even though it is treasonous. I believe it has something to do with testosterone or something… err, actually, that’s a poor excuse, I am afraid but the only one I can offer.”

She gifted Steven with another knee-weakening smile and a coquettish turn of her head, “actually I am thirsty. Could you tell this idiot, I called the police and will wait at the booth over there? She turned around and walked the 30 yards.

Steven, never being the womanizer, did not even bother turning to the shouter and for the first time in his life, he followed a woman and offered to buy her a drink. One year later Steven and his Annabelle were happily married.

On the afternoon of September 2nd, 1964, Steven Moore stopped an avalanche to save his wife using only his mind.

In those few life-changing seconds preceding the incident, Steven saw their first encounter like a fast-forward movie in his head and the inevitable knowledge of losing her was simply unacceptable to him. He screamed his rage and helplessness at the avalanche and while doing so he pulled something into himself and pushed it at the avalanche. Annabelle was looking for some spring flowers one-hundred yards away and, of course, never heard the rumbling of the life-threatening avalanche.

A documentary film team happened to be on site and caught the drama. Having proven that the film evidence had not been manipulated or tampered with in any way, clearly, there was no arguing the incident away with a random rational explanation.

During the following years, first secretly in a military facility, the phenomenon was studied. Later on, in the nineties, information about this special talent crept into public knowledge and a civil agency was established to accommodate an organization for all those talented individuals who did not want to serve.

Public knowledge of the phenomenon enabled cross-studies and revealed a connection to dark energy. Later on, scientists named the talented ones “Dark Energy Manipulators”, immediately abbreviated by the people to DEMs.

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